People in Glasgow are to be asked to contribute to the fight to tackle climate change by thinking about ‘small actions’ that can together, make a big difference.

Glasgow is due to host the UN COP 26 summit in November.

But as well as the opportunity for countries to reach a historic agreement of reducing greenhouse gasses, it is being seen as a chance climate change to top the agenda and for people to play their part in the solutions.

It is still being planned for that the COP 1head as an in-person event in Glasgow.

Michelle McGinty, Head of Glasgow City Council’s COP 26 Team responsible for delivering strategic, communications and operational support for the event, outlined the city’s plans at a Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow Talks online event.

She said: Small personal responsibility actions can make a difference for example for litter dropping to retro fitting to get to net zero emissions.

“There will be new litter and recycling campaigns starting over the next couple of weeks.

“And to show how small actions count and encourage people to act.”

Ms McGinty said Cop 26 was the “most complex event ever to be held in Glasgow”.

She added: “It will be the biggest gathering of world leaders in the UK to date. The intent remains to hold an in-person summit in Glasgow.”

However, with Covid -19 still a massive problem in many other parts of the world and vaccination programmes operating at different speeds in different countries she added: “Any decision will put the health of the participants and the local community first.”

She said the themes that Glasgow City council would be focussing on as the host city for the UK Government hosted even will be “Just transition and behavioural change and the opportunity for international partnerships.

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council said small steps all add to a wider effort.

She said: “Glasgow is one of a growing number of cities across the world that are taking the lead on securing a just transition to a more sustainable future.

“Hosting COP26 can only add to our momentum, as we push to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of this decade, grow our circular economy and build a city that is climate resilient.

“The event will also shine a light on people in every corner of the globe that are taking action to play their own part in tackling climate change - be it cutting waste by re-using and recycling, walking and cycling more, or becoming more climate-friendly shoppers.

“All these seemingly small steps, that are within everyone’s control, contribute to the wider effort we see elsewhere from businesses and governments – and, increasingly, cities.”