CAN I say that I am not a political animal and I’m ashamed to say that in my 65 years living in Scotland that at the majority of elections I didn’t use my vote.

I’m undecided who to vote for in the next election.

However, can I ask the fervent SNP voters who wish for a referendum and independence to try my little quiz.

To start with two questions in one . What would the currency be in the new independent country and do we have a robust and strong banking system that will guarantee the currency?

Do we have a robust and strong Stock Exchange that our Scottish firms would like to be listed on?

How many companies which have their HQs in the country would move to foreign lands, taking the jobs with them?

Would the European Union accept our application to join (what do we have to offer) and can we afford the membership fee?

Have we got the money to pay our part of the UK National debt?

Who will pay for replacement passports?

What will be done to address the unemployment figures after furlough?

Can we afford free prescriptions and free travel passes?

Can we afford to help the local businesses and communities when our foreign friends take away their military bases from e.g. Faslane, Lossiemouth, Leuchars etc?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions then the hardest question is left for last and only you can answer it.

Why would you vote SNP?


Via email

Our story on plans for more than 1000 homes and a 200-bed hotel to ‘revive’ Yorkhill Quay sparked comments from our readers. Here’s a selection...

For years we have been demolishing high-rise buildings – now the idiots want to rebuild them.

Ronnie Foster

IT seems we’re now going for the old Soviet-style of building.

Surely they can come up with something better to look at?


I HOPE these are not given permission to go ahead. They look absolutely terrible.

Shug McKenzzie