A HOSPICE boss is planning on climbing two of Scotland’s highest mountains with her trusty dog to raise money for her charity.

Rhona Baillie, the CEO of the Prince and Princess of Wales, hopes to bag two Munros - a Scottish mountain over 3000 feet tall - this year with her Romanian rescue dog Harriet by her side.

She is confident the feat can be achieved, even though Rhona “hasn’t been able to keep as fit” as she normally would because of the lockdown.

The hospice boss said: “I have always enjoyed my walks with Harriet. We are just going to push ourselves a bit further and a bit higher.”

The vital service provided by the hospice costs more than £13,000 a day to run, said Rhona, noting that it is only partly funded by the NHS.

She will be joined on her second climb by Lord Provost Philip Braat, who is also the hospice’s president and Richard Muir, the head of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Rhona added: “I am so proud of the care we provide at the hospice. I’ve been chief executive here for 15 years and every day I see the impact of the care our staff provide on patients and their families.”