GLASWEGIANS have named the city's worst roundabout. 

We asked our readers for their opinions and we were inundated with responses. 

Hundreds of locals named circular junctions in their area that they consider the most hazardous. 

It comes after a viral Tweet from the executive producer of The Go Radio Football Show who dubbed Robroyston's Asda as the worst. 

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He wrote: "Worst roundabouts in Glasgow. I'll start. Robroyston Asda."

However, after much debate, Glasgow Times readers dubbed the Pollok roundabout at Silverburn as the worst. 

Among 323 comments, Julieann Martin said: "Great Western road at Clydebank and in Pollok at Silverburn. Both are pretty lethal.

"Pollok - shut your eyes, foot down and hope for the best", wrote Clare Osborne.

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Helen Green Fraser Pollok added: "Silverburn, I take detours sometimes just to avoid it haha."

Stewart Tannock wrote: "New Pollock without a doubt."

Laura Smith said: "The Silverburn one is a bit scary haha."

"Pollok Silverburn! The accident rate at this roundabout is terrifying", said Natalie Anderson. 

Cathy Dalby Anderson agreed, stating: "I agree with Pollock at Silverburn."

Meanwhile, Paul Sanders wrote: "The whole infrastructure in Glasgow is now a total shambles."