BOATING in the sunshine at Rouken Glen Park was a pastime enjoyed by many Glaswegians over the decades – but not for those living on the other side of the city.

Times Past regular Dan Harris got in touch after our recent feature on how the city celebrated spring sunshine in days gone by.

“I had a wee chuckle at your Times Past feature regarding the boating loch at Rouken Glen Park,” he tells us.

“It was miles away for us youngsters in the north west of Glasgow. We went on our annual Sunday School outing there.”

He laughs: “If memory serves me right, there were so many of us that a tram was chartered to take us there and back.”

Instead, says Dan, he and his friends went boating a lot closer to home.

“We went to Bingham’s Boating Loch on Great Western Road,” he explains.

Binghams Pond, 1959

Bingham's Pond, 1959

“That is where I learned to row when I was about seven. When we were teenagers, Marion (now my wife) and I went there in the winters to ice skate.”

He smiles: “We always enjoyed a hot Bovril from their cafe. Maybe some other old timers will remember the old days of Bingham’s?”

Bingham’s Pond, which sits just behind Gartnavel General Hospital, was created in the 1880s on the site of old brick and coal pits.

The boathouse was built around 1885 and later became a well-frequented tearoom. It was named after the Bingham family, who hired out the boats.



Our archives have captured a few classic Bingham’s moments over the decades – this image, for example, of boats back in 1955, and our picture of a gentleman feeding the swans from the edge of the water, which was taken in 1959.

Part of the pond was filled during the 60s to create a hotel, and in 2003, the site was transformed into a small wildlife park and loch by Glasgow City Council in a bid to attract wildlife and improve water quality. It was successful, as new species of waterbirds, including tufted ducks and moorhens, arrived to take up residence and the little island in the middle has become something of a sanctuary for swans and other birds.

There was great excitement there last year when a rare drake ring-necked duck arrived on the water.

Did you go boating at Bingham’s Pond?

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Glasgow used to be full of boating ponds, and a search in our archive revealed a few more fascinating photos from other locations across the city. We found great pictures of ponds in Alexandra Park and Victoria Park.

Where was your favourite?

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