A MEDICAL librarian from Glasgow has won a whopping £10,000 taking on some of the country’s brightest minds.

Caitlin McCulloch battled against Shaun Wallace, Mark Labbett, and Darragh Ennis in ITV’s Beat the Chasers, hosted by Bradley Walsh.

However, the clever quizmasters where no match for Caitlin who managed to complete her challenge with 21 seconds remaining on the clock during last night’s show.

Despite hoping to avoid chaser Mark - dubbed The Beast - for his “ruthless” nature, the game show fan admitted the stars were kind and encouraging.

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Caitlin said: “£10,000 was far more than I was expecting, so I’d like to sensibly put some towards a house deposit.

“I’ve just moved for a new job and this will help me get on my feet and sort the logistics.

“When I can, I’m going to take my family to Germany and show them where I used to live - Dortmund and other cities nearby like Cologne and Bonn. And I should probably buy my sisters some pizza.”

She added: “I think I went into a completely different zone answering the questions. I picked a spot on the floor and just focused on that.

Glasgow Times:

“There were things I didn’t even know I knew, like Bologna for the oldest university in Italy.

“I was so focused that I don’t even know what questions the Chasers were asked, but I heard Bradley saying they were wrong and that’s when I started to feel like maybe I actually had something to lose. I stumbled a bit near the end, but regained my focus - I couldn’t believe it when I looked up and still had 21 seconds on my clock.”

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Caitlin described winning as “such a relief” but admits it still hasn’t yet sunk in.

Beat the Chasers, a spin-off of the incredibly popular The Chase, continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.