The SNP is promising “immediate action” to remobilise the NHS if re-elected to government this week.

With two days until the polls open the party said it will get the health service back to capacity after the covid pandemic affected services and took staff away from other duties.

Nicola Sturgeon said she would publish a “recovery plan with 100 days of re-election.

She said: “It’s been a tough year for all of us, and our health and care staff have performed heroics in the most trying of circumstances. The next government has no time to waste in helping our health service get back on its feet – and if the SNP is re-elected on Thursday, we are ready to begin work immediately with a plan for a full-scale remobilisation of our NHS.

“Within just 100 days, we’ll have delivered a pay-rise for NHS workers, opened the first three fast-track cancer diagnostic centres and removed NHS dental charges for care experienced young people as the first step of removing them for everyone.

“And within 100 days we’ll publish an NHS Recovery Plan – detailing how we’ll support a 10% increase in inpatient, day patient and outpatient activity to address delays caused by the pandemic, accelerate recruitment of staff and implement our Cancer Recovery Plan.”

Meanwhile as the campaign enters its last days, Labour has said Anas Sarwar is Scotland’s preferred leader of the opposition according to a new poll.

The Survation Poll found Sarwar was preferred by 40% if the SNP are in Government, with Tory leader Douglas Ross on 22%

Ian Murray, Shadow Scotland Secretary, said: “Douglas Ross is a conman - and the Union won’t be safe if he is the leader of the opposition.

“While the SNP plot a referendum in the middle of a pandemic, Douglas Ross wants to give Nicola Sturgeon the greatest get out jail free card going - himself.”

The Tories meanwhile are asking anti-independence voters to give them a tactical vote.

Former Scottish Tory leader, Ruth Davidson, who is not standing for re-election to Holyrood, has written an open letter to pro-UK voters urging them to put aside party allegiances and vote tactically for the Scottish Conservatives.

She said: “No matter who you vote for on your lilac-coloured constituency ballot paper, it is absolutely vital that you use your peach ‘party’ ballot paper to vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist, to stop an SNP majority and another independence referendum.

“So I’m asking you to use your votes on 6th May to really make sure that’s what happens.”