SHOCKED residents shared their fury after they claimed pensioners were spotted building deliberate obstacles for cyclists and runners in a popular beauty spot.

Alex Osborne who runs the Facebook page “Acorn Trails” which promotes trail running claims the two older adults were creating obstructions within the wooded area of Linn Park in the city’s South Side on Monday afternoon. He said: “I was just running down the wee trail at the back and I saw this guy carrying a big log and then he dropped it on the path. I thought: that’s strange, that could trip someone up."

Glasgow Times:

Alex claims he confronted the pair, adding: “I said to him: that’s a strange place to leave that, someone is going to fall over that, and moved it away from the path. The man said: that’s what it’s there for. I was shocked, I was taken aback that someone was intentionally hurting someone.”

According to Alex, who lives in nearby Battlefield, the two pensioners claimed they were taking matters into their own hands after a few near misses. Alex said: “His wife or partner said she’d had a few near misses with a cyclist on the path recently and how inconsiderate cyclists were.”

Glasgow Times:

Alex appealed to the pair and emphasised the park was for everyone to use. He has now removed the obstructions and wants to raise awareness for other park users to look out for these in future. He added: “It might not necessarily be a cyclist. It could just be someone taking their dog out and they trip over it walking, or a little kid that’s running around and trips over it. There are all sorts of people using it. It’s a path. It’s an obstruction.”

Dorothy Buchanan, chairwoman of the Friends of Linn Park also hit out at the obstructions. She said: “Linn Park Local Nature Reserve is a lovely place which is open for all to enjoy.

"The key rule to govern behaviour in the park is to consider other users; cyclists, bird spotters, car drivers, dog walkers, runners, horse riders, kids playing or the wildlife itself. We should all behave in a way which means everyone else can still enjoy the beautiful green space.

“There is no excuse for the sort of behaviour which seeks to destroy another person’s happiness in using the park.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “We are concerned that anyone may wish to put an obstacle down that could impede the movement of a park user or potentially cause them harm.

“Cyclists are fully welcome in Linn Park and we ask that they use the tarred paths when cycling in the park.

“We ask that all park users respect their fellow visitors and take care when moving around or passed other people in the park.”