THE crucial role of the hospitality trade in Glasgow in the post-Covid recovery has been highlighted by the Greens.

Bars and restaurants have endured months of closures, with customers locked out and staff furloughed.

The Scottish Greens are arguing for workers in the industry to have secure, sustainable jobs.

Patrick Harvie, Greens co-leader, visited the Thornwood Bar in Dumbarton Road to talk to the owners of the pub about the importance of the trade.

Glasgow Times:

The Greens want action to ensure everyone has the right to a safe and secure working environment which pays a fair wage.

Harvie said: “Local bars like the Thornwood are the lifeblood of Glasgow Kelvin, bringing people together after a year when we have been apart more than ever.

“The nature of much of the hospitality industry has meant staff have been left in a constant state of worry over whether their jobs will return, with the pandemic taking its toll on bars and restaurants across the city.

“However, this insecurity existed long before the coronavirus crisis, and has only been exacerbated.

“Zero-hours contracts and insecure, underpaid jobs continue to plague much of the industry.

“Workers need and deserve higher wages and stability as we look to recover from Covid-19.”

The owners of Thornwood Bar said hospitality is a “vital” component in the city, both for the economy and people’s wellbeing.

Ken Hamilton, co-owner of the bar, said: “There needs to be a recognition of the contribution to the economy. The hospitality sector should not be something to be tolerated but recognised as a major mover of the economy.

“Look at the change in Glasgow’s economy away from industry to an events-based economic strategy with conferences and hotel expansion. Good quality hospitality is vital to support that.

Glasgow Times:

“The hospitality industry needs to raise its game to ensure fair and responsible practices.”

He continued: “The Scottish Government wants to change the relationship with alcohol, which is the right thing to do. But during lockdown alcohol sales have gone up by one third. It’s recognised by addiction agencies that people are developing unhealthy habits during lockdown.

“The benefits of coming to a good local pub are people are mixing socially, helping to deal with loneliness issues, people walk to the pub and meet other people.”

Patrick Harvie is contesting Glasgow Kelvin with Kaukab Stewart of the SNP, Pam Duncan Glancy, Labour, Grahame Cannell, Conservatives and David McKenzie for the Libdems.