Former Celtic star John Hartson said he “loved” hearing Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar calling for a cancer recovery programme and that it should be the priority after the Holyrood election.

The Ex-Wales international striker survived testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain, and said he would not have lived without immediate treatment, including two brain surgeries and chemotherapy.

Hartson said he has never been formally involved in politics but he has “loved” Scottish Labour’s plan to restore and improve cancer services as the country recovers from the pandemic.

He said: “I’m backing the cancer recovery plan, I’ve never really been formally involved in politics or anything like that.

“It doesn’t matter who you vote for, cancer’s not going to stop for anyone.

“I think it’s important to prioritise that now because in the last year there’s an awful lot of cancer sufferers who are suffering and dying because they’ve not been able to get the treatment they desperately need.

“My view is that whoever gets into parliament, whoever it may be, the priority must be to get these cancer sufferers seen to, get the operations.”