I AM a fervent supporter of “independence” but I am not a member of the SNP, although I was until 2006, which you will notice was before the first SNP controlled Government.

I am not an expert in any of the questions posted by your reader in Monday’s letters page.

I am an ordinary person who has worked since leaving school at the age of 15 and at 68 in receipt of my state pension but can read, listen, think and come to my own views.

Although I am an independence supporter I voted to leave the EU and would not want Scotland to rejoin the EU.

Any decision to rejoin the EU would need to be a decision of the Scottish people but I believe the EU would allow an independent Scotland to rejoin but it would not be a straightforward negotiation as we would have to take into our trading position with the rest of GB although funnily enough not NI as EU rules apply to trade, thanks to the Tories created a border between NI and GB.

I agree independent Scotland would honour bound and liable for a share of GB&NI national debt although it is the London Chancellor, Bank of England and GB&NI Parliament are the owners of the National debt.

The national debt – the last estimate was around £2 trillion therefore means independent Scotland’s would probably be on a population basis be approximately £180 billion but would be agreed through negotiations with the rest of GB.

Same people who will pay for the change after Brexit from EU to GB&NI passports, the passport holder.

I don’t see why we couldn’t pay for free prescription or bus passes which is currently paid through the Scottish Parliament budget at the moment.

Whereas the plan is to remove nuclear boats from Faslane, the bases will remain open.

I cannot see any reason why I or anyone else should not vote for independence.

Alex Kerr

Via email

BRILLIANT letter from Donnie regarding what we have to consider should the SNP get independence.

We will be running about barefoot as the poor people of Great Britain.


Via email

ARE there any roads in Glasgow city centre not closed just now for roadworks? Driving in and out of the city is a nightmare just now.

You can’t even leave town without going a huge detour.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any work being carried out over the last few months, yet we have lanes closed all over the M8 and then the on-ramp at Charing Cross also blocked off.

When will these works ever end?

It’s an absolute mess. And then on Sunday when I went to get my Covid vaccine, there was another diversion with Stobcross Road completely closed off.

I’m sure there is a great reason for closing off nearly every road in the city centre.

J Martin


WITH regards to the letter last week commenting on pub regulars losing out due to bars being fully booked, I fully agree.

My dad is in the same boat. He just wants a seat in his local but can’t get in as it’s booked out for weeks.

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