MIDWIVES in Glasgow were celebrated yesterday for their loyal and dutiful support during Covid-19. 

The frontline workers have shown resilience for pregnant woman and their babies during the past year throughout NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's maternity services. 

And, the Labour Ward staff at the Princess Royal Maternity have shown the incredible contribution midwives make to the wider community too.

Almost £8500 was raised by 65 members of staff who took part in an incredible 9850-mile challenge - which is the equivalent of walking from Australia to Glasgow. 

Glasgow Times:

The 6500-mile adventure was the brainchild of Charge Midwife Jen Johansson, who wanted to do something to help people who might be struggling in these difficult times.

On the important role and on the International Day of the Midwife, Jen Johansson, Charge Midwife of the Labour Ward at the Princess Royal Maternity, said: “Our role as midwives is to empower and support women during their pregnancy and birth to enable them to have a positive experience.

"It’s a very special and precious time for women. When we are with ladies in labour, that can be our full 12 hour shift  - we have to ensure a safe outcome for mum and baby.

“I always wanted to be a midwife from the age of 14 and have now done it for 15 years. We get to spend a lot of time with women and their families getting to know them.

"Especially in the labour ward, we have a special rapport with women. We are ensuring the safe arrival of precious life, it’s amazing.”

The restrictions to hospital visiting across Scotland meant that midwives were often the only support for women other than their partners while in hospital.

Dr Margaret McGuire, Director of Nursing, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, added: “Midwives always provide skilled, high-quality care and understand what matters to the woman and her family.

"They put women first and this past year, they have gone above and beyond to provide woman-centred and safe care. 

"At the core of everything they do is making the pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience as positive as possible for the woman and those who matter to her. 

"My sincere thanks and praise goes out to every midwife in Greater Glasgow and Clyde on this the International Day of the Midwife.”