HAVING listened to the election debate, or rather the uncontrolled rabble, I am of the opinion that Patrick Harvey, at present of Green Party is supporting both Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP policy, Why?

Is this preparation to move to the SNP and perhaps as Deputy First Minister. So let’s watch this space.


East Kibride

WHEN will we see a party that’s is willing to do something to stop the use of food banks.

They all talk about schools, green energy and occasional about the NHS and staff.

I want to hear from one who will stop the need for food banks.

These people who are politicians don’t have a clue what it is like to be in a position to use these services, they have all a comfortable and well-paid job, one day we will have someone who cares and does something about it, but it’s certainly not from anyone standing for election this year.

Peter Doyle

Via email

READERS had their say on Rangers manager Steven Gerrard’s Jermain Defoe contract update. Here’s a selection of comments...

IT would be great if he stayed. A model professional and a great example to younger players. Player/coach role would be ideal.

Thomas Wilson

AS a neutral on the divide. I must say that the man is “the model professional”.

Throughout his career; he just keeps scoring, great goals.

The way he took that young boy at Sunderland under his wing; during his cancer struggles, deserves a special mention.

Pity he’s not with us at Partick Thistle! Come on Iain McCall get the cheque book out!


HOPEFULLY he will stay. A model pro, great to have about the place. Others must be learning from him.

And if he turned Celtic’s

Stephen Welsh one more time on Sunday he would have got to take him home!

Andy Welsh