KIDS at an East End school have been feeling the buzz of beekeeping after getting their own hive. 

The Garrowhill Primary youngsters have signed up to keep a colony for a year, which will be cared for by a group of pupils. 

Having initially got involved in a unique scheme designed to introduce children to bees, the Bakewell Road hub decided to take on the hive and recently decorated it with their own colours.

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Lorna Chatham, the principal teacher at the school, said: "We’re delighted to have taken possession of our own bees.

"We love the hive, it looks amazing, as the children all had fun painting it before it was filled with bees."

A group of primary six pupils – who will now move into primary seven – will be responsible for the hive and secured the funding for it after entering a Dragon's Den style competition. 

The 'Buzzing Bees' – made up of Callum, Sue, Lucy, Shaun, and Aaron – convinced the Dickie Foundation to stump up cash for their project. 

They were inspired to take on their own hive after initially taking part in Webster Honey's educational programme, which saw expert Meik Molitor bring along his own colony to the school. 

Glasgow Times: Garrowhill Primary School

“The whole concept of leaning about the life cycle of bees is truly fascinating,” added Ms Chatham. “The fact that bees are so endangered, but are the pollinators for the world’s food crops, it has really grabbed the imagination of the children, and they are so enjoying having the hive here. 

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"Meik is going to come in as often as he can over the next few months, to let the children see into the hive before school term ends, and they go onto high school, as we have already lost so much time due to lockdown.”

The Buzzing Bees have also made a 30 second video about the bees, which they have submitted to Glasgow City Council as part of the launch for COP 26.

For further details on how Webster Honey works with schools and nurseries all over Scotland, visit here