I THINK the UK approach to foreign holiday travel is going to be strict enough to deal with monitoring imported cases.

The amount of tests that we will have to take appear as if we are finally going to take foreign travel seriously. However, if the SNP decides it wants to do things differently everyone will just decide to travel from England.

For once, can Ms Sturgeon not just follow a four nation approach rather than trying to go a different route. This will just make foreign travel impossible for everyone in Scotland.



THIS is not the workers’ fault that this city has a cleansing crisis (Cops called to Glasgow depot as binmen threatened at work, Thursday).

The only one to blame here is this council which has made all these cutbacks, so please spare a thought for the poor workers who are already working under this stress, underpaid and under valued.

Frances Mowat Stojilkovic

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OUR story on plans for Kelvin Way sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

A FANTASTIC step, so much more enjoyable for walking, cycling and being active.

Helping to create a more active, sustainable and healthy city.

Chris Lavelle

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I THINK Glasgow City Council has closed enough roads.

They don’t maintain our roads properly.

All they do with all the potholes is patch them with a little bit of temporary Tarmac which doesn’t last. False economy.

I really don’t see what we are paying for. They seem to be squandering money everywhere but where it counts.

Whoever thought all this cycle lane business should be sacked.

If I can manage to cycle safely and obey traffic signals and rules then so should other cyclists.

We don’t need large cylce lanes in a city not designed for them.

Alan Thomson

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THE cycle lanes are a joke. If a political party said they were going to get rid of them all and fix the diabolical roads they’d be voted in tomorrow.

Jacqueline Smith

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THE road needs reopened. Getting from Yorkhill to Great Western Road up Byres Road is a joke. Re-open it tomorrow.

David Wilson

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