“I’ve only got myself to blame – I love a sneaky chippy.” wrote my colleague Jack Aitchison in a previous takeaway review for the Glasgow Times.

It is a sentence that really hit home as I too love a secret chippy.

I cannot quite work out why, but there is just something extra special about having a takeaway without needing to worry about the shaming eyes of my friends or family.

Do not get me wrong, my girlfriend’s great and would never actually judge me for my eating habits (we will avoid the fizzy juice conversation here) but she also sees me at my worst - ordering lunch into the office three days a week and taking one too many trips to the nearby roll van.

Glasgow Times:

Treating yourself to a chippy should be seen as a form of self-care. After all, nothing quite beats that feeling of tucking into your first bite of fish supper which is drowned in vinegar.

It released the types of endorphins that only a great gig or a big night out on the town can match.

But like the hangover you will experience after these, the post-chippy crash can also be just as full of regret and leave your body in a bad state.

Unfortunately, the aftermath from this particular chippy was not worth the endorphins.

We excitedly poured through the menu adding all the classics - two fish suppers, curry sauce, mushy peas, and, of course, a portion of fritters.

However, upon ordering we were informed that it would be an hour and 40-minute wait for arrival. Yes, 100 whole minutes. For reference, that is enough time to watch five episodes of The Simpsons - or almost one entire football game.

When the food arrived it was warm - but only just. The chips were tasty and had a good mixture of thick fluffy ones and small crunchy ones.

The portion of curry sauce was very small and did not taste like the cheap curry sauce I am used to experiencing.

However, the actual fish itself was flakey and perfectly cooked - it is just a shame that the batter and warmth did not let it shine in its best light.

The batter too felt too upmarket. I like to taste the grease in my batter and have the crunch that we have all grown up on and to love.

I do not know if it is just my council estate roots, but it just felt too posh for a chippy.