The SNP have held the Glasgow Pollok seat.

Humza Yousaf took the seat again with more than 18,000 votes.

The SNP Justice Secretary defeated Labour's Zubir Ahmed, who won 11,058 votes. The Tories were in third with 1846 votes, the Greens were fourth on 1651 and the Lib Dems on 522.

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Yousaf said: "Im delighted to be re-elected as the MSP for Glasgow Pollok. In 2016 I took great pride being elected as the first ethnic minority MSP to a constituency seat. Now I'm the first to be re-elected to a constituency seat."

He added: "Today we also had thugs who gave Nazi salutes and tried to intimidate ethnic minority candidates, myself included. Whenever I've had hatered directed my way the voices of good have always outweighed the bad."

Glasgow Times:

He thanked others in Labour, Conservatives, Greens and LibDems who he said "collectively told them to jog on".

The turnout in Pollok was 54.33%