James Dornan has held the Glasgow Cathcart seat for the SNP.

Dornan has been the MSP for the area since 2011, when he took it from Labour defeating former leader of Glasgow City Council, Charlie Gordon.

He won this time by a majority of more than 10,000, taking 21,728 votes.

Glasgow Times: James Dornan, Cathcart [Photo by Colin Mearns]James Dornan, Cathcart [Photo by Colin Mearns]

His nearest challenger was Crag Carson of Labour who won 11,332votes.

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The Conservatives were in third place, with Euan Blockley, a Glasgow Councillor, winning 4041 votes and Joe McCauley, of the LibDems, in fourth with 1051.

Glasgow Times:

Dornan had initially indicated he was not going to stand for re-election but changed his mind and had to fight to be re selected.

After the result was announced, Dornan said: “This result is a result not just for me but for the SNP and the campaign Nicola Sturgeon has ran and she has shown the people of Scotland we’ve got a level headed sensible person, and she’s shown Scotland can do things different and do things better.

“The people of Scotland have made if clear they want that and they want a government that’s going to make sure they have a government that will make their voice heard.”

“I'm confident in five years someone will be standing here as independent member for Cathcart.”