AFTER more than a year without in-person events, Glasgow’s only repair cafe is returning.

Since the organisation was formed in 2017, Repair Cafe Glasgow’s dedicated team of volunteer repair experts have been combatting throwaway culture in the city, helping to protect the environment - and the purses of their customers.

Every second and fourth Saturday of the month they invite anyone with any broken items - from blenders to blouses - to come along to their new outdoor location of The Deep End in Strathbungo.

A team of volunteers will be on hand to mend them.

Participants are invited to enjoy a hot drink and home baking before watching the repair take place and can assist with it if they wish.

The repairer will always explain what is happening so, as well as getting their item mended, participants will have the opportunity to learn new practical skills.​

Jon Dawes, manager and founder of the organisation, said: "We’re over the moon to be holding in-person events again.

"Repair events like this are more important than ever.

"As well as a great approach to waste reduction and cutting CO2 emissions, the social aspect of repairing items together can’t be overstated enough after the last year.

"Every item has a story.

"Through repair and maintenance, we want to help continue these stories, while saving our environment and their owner’s money."

The first Repair Café was organised in Amsterdam in 2009 by Martine Postma, an activist for sustainability at a local level.

There are now more than 1500 Repair Cafés worldwide, as well as the international Right To Repair movement.

Launched in 2019, the movement includes more than 40 organisations from more than 16 European countries who campaign for a universal right to repair, urging manufacturers to provide spare parts and manuals for the entire lifetime of their products.