Glasgow elected four new MSPs to Holyrood and two of them have made history.

There are 15 MSPs representing the city eight SNP, four Labour, two Conservative and one Green.

Only one of the original 1999 intake of MSPs remains in Glasgow. Nicola Sturgeon has been an ever present since the first parliament session.

Glasgow Times:

Six other SNP MSPs have been re-elected for another term, Bill Kidd, James Dornan, Bob Doris, Humza Yousaf, Ivan McKee and John Mason.

Two Labour MSPs return on the list Anas Sarwar and Pauline McNeill, while Annie wells has been re-elected for the Conservatives and Patrick Harvie for the Greens.

Glasgow Times:

The history makers are Kaukab Stewart, who became the first woman of colour to be elected to Holyrood, winning Glasgow Kelvin, with her result being declared before tory MSP Pam Gosal was elected in the West of Scotland list.

And Pam Duncan-Glancy became the first permanent wheelchair user elected to the Scottish Parliament taking the fourth of Labour’s regional list seats.

Glasgow Times:

On her election win Kaukab Stewart said: “To the voters of Glasgow Kelvin, I cannot thank you enough for putting your trust in me. We are lucky to have one of the most diverse and vibrant communities in Kelvin and it is without doubt an honour to be elected as the first woman of colour to the Scottish Parliament.

“It has taken too long but to all the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women and girls out there: you too belong in the Scottish Parliament. So, whilst I may be the first, I will not be the last!

“I intend to be a voice for every single person in Kelvin that I have been elected to represent. Whether you voted for me or not please know my door is always open.”

Pam Duncan Glancy had to wait a little longer before the regional list votes were tallied and the calculations done to allocate the number of seats to each party.

She said: “The people of Glasgow have made history by electing the first permanent wheelchair user to the Scottish Parliament and I couldn’t be prouder to have their trust.

“I promise to do everything in my power to make sure that the path for the next disabled MSP and permanent wheelchair user is nowhere near as hard as it’s been for the first.”

She recognised the win in Kelvin by Kaukab Stewart of the SNP as the first woman of colour elected to Holyrood.

“It really has been an incredibly special day for equalities.”

Glasgow Times:

Stewart and Duncan-Glancy are joined by Sandesh Gulhane of the Conservatives and Paul Sweeney of Labour as new faces at Holyrood for Glasgow.

Paul Sweeney will be phoning his DWP work coach this week to tell her he is no longer looking for work. He may well be the first person to sign off the dole because he has a new job as an MSP.

Since losing his Glasgow North West seat in Westminster in 2019 he has been claiming Universal Credit when he has been out of work.

He said: “It has been an education. From being an MSP to the crash and burn of losing seat then the pandemic.”

He is looking to pick up on several issue that he dealt with as an MP and using his experience of the last year.

He said: “The north of Glasgow will still be a focus, looking at regeneration issues.”

In the last year he has been helping activist Peter Krykant with his Overdose Prevention Centre in Glasgow.

Sweeney said: “I am eager to look at ways of pushing forward on drug reforms and anti-overdose spaces and push back on the attitudes that we don’t have the powers to act.

“I want to see progress on the Glasgow Metro and push the government on the pace of that.

“I don’t want to go round the Groundhog Day arguments on the constitution.

“I don’t think the status quo is suitable but I want to move away from the binary positions we have now.”

The new Conservative MSP is a GP and a club doctor with Queen’s Park FC.

He was made to wait until the very end of the count before he was certain he was elected.

Glasgow Times:

Sandesh Gulhane: “It’s been a rollercoaster. This is the first time I have stood for election. Early on we were confident but as the day went on it looked like I was not going to be elected.

“It feels unbelievable. I am a doctor for Queen’s Park FC and this feels like scoring a last minute winning goal.”

He outlined the priorities he wants to concentrate on.

He said: “As a GP, it is health and mental health for me. I want to ensure long covid is taken seriously.

“We need to ensure we look after the people working in the NHS. Burnout is coming up for many people. Some are going to be quitting the professions. We need to treat the NHs and the people in the NHS and ensure people recover from Covid.

“People are suffering because of lockdown. There are more patients with mental health issues.” Children have been affected “We need to ensure our young people are future proofed. Our A&E and ITU staff have been working tirelessly throughout. They need to be valued and they have mental health issues. There is so much to do in the next five years.”