Nicola Sturgeon is today to reveal the latest lifing of lockdown restrictions to go ahead from next Monday.

The First Minister will give the first Covid update since the SNP won the Holyrood election.

It is expected that, as numbers of cases, hospital admissions and deaths continues to fall, the planned move to Level Two restrictions can take place.

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One of the expected key changes is the permitting of indoor households meetings once more.

Level Two will allow up to four adults from two households to gather indoors.

It includes overnight stays and two housholds staying in holiday accommodation subject to distancing guidelines.

More changes to hospitality are expected and more re-opening of businesses that have been closed for months.

Glasgow Times:

Venues including cinemas, theatres and bingo are expected to be allowed to open.

If the move to Level Two goes ahead, pubs will be permitted to serve alcohol indoors until 10.30.

Glasgow Times:

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, said: “Continuing the fight against Covid, and guiding the country safely through the rest of the pandemic is my number one priority.

“Since the election, I have been back at my desk, consulting with clinical advisers on our next steps as we gradually hope to return the country to something much more like normality.

“Today we will outline those latest steps in lifting restrictions, while also making clear that we need to remain vigilant against any resurgence in Covid levels across Scotland.

“With the renewed mandate we have been given by the people of Scotland, I will this week also start to take forward our agenda, starting with our commitments for the first 100 days as we begin the task of securing a fair and sustainable recovery from the pandemic.

“That includes taking forward an NHS recovery plan, taking the first steps to establish a National Care Service, getting additional financial support to businesses and investment to recruit more teachers and classroom assistants. 

“The people of Scotland voted for a serious Government for serious times – and with this re-elected SNP administration, in a historic fourth consecutive term in office, that is exactly what they will get.”