Earliest memory of Glasgow? I remember being scared when the bombs were dropping on Glasgow during the Second World War.

Which street did you live on? I was born at 17 Rowchester Street off the Gallowgate in 1936. Three stairs up, a bathroom on the stair – you used to kick the door before you went in, just in case there were any mice in the cludgie. We played outside all the time, me and my pals and the lassies too. We played rounders, and kick-the-can, and the girls showed us how to play ropes. We moved out to Ruchazie, to a three-apartment house, in the countryside. I did my National Service for three years in Cyprus.

What school did you go to? We all went to school in the next street – my teacher was Miss McCloud and because she had black hair and so did I, everyone assumed she was my big sister or my auntie.

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Favourite local cinema: Me and my girlfriend Cilla Welsh would go to the Orient in Dennistoun.

Favourite local shop: I worked in Timpson’s shoe shops, but my favourite store was always Woolworth’s.

Where did you go dancing? The Denny Pally – the Dennistoun Palais de Danse – which is where I met my lovely wife Joyce. We have now been married for 56 years. My best dance was a quick step. The dance halls only served soft drinks back then.

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow: It’s the best city in the world. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I always loved visiting the Barras – don’t get into the city much now because I’m a wheelchair user but I wish I could.

Happiest childhood memory: Cilla Welsh running over to me and in front of all her pals, planting a kiss on my cheek and telling me she loved me.

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