A GRANDAD found himself in front of the courts for the first time after a spat with his son.

Anthony Dyer was called before Glasgow Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to causing his adult son and his wife fear and alarm.

The 48-year-old tried to solve a family feud by going to speak to the couple in person.

But the situation escalated, the court was told, and Dyer ended up being arrested by police.

The incident occurred on March 29 this year around 8.50pm.

Dyer, from Drumchapel, turned up at his son's property where he was at home with his partner and a three-year-old child.

The depute fiscal told the court: "There were ongoing issues with witness and his father, this was due to him ending contact with his family.

"The accused attended the locus and challenged his son to come out and see him.

"He shouted: 'I'll f****** have you' and 'Come out here and f****** talk to me'.

"The witnesses said they were calling the police.

"The accused then left the locus."

Cops later tracked him down and he was arrested, cautioned and charged.

Dyer's defence brief said: "The accused now concedes he went about this the wrong way.

"He is a 48 year old man who is married and lives with his wife and disabled daughter.

"Why he went down that night is that there had been an ongoing difficulty with seeing his family.

"His wife had tried to mend bridges but this failed so he went down seeing if he could speak to his son face to face and sort things out.

"His daughter in law, if I might call her that, used rather unparliamentary language to imply he should leave and he responded in kind.

"It's unfortunate that at the age of 48 he should find himself in front of the court."

Sheriff Charles Lugton said he would treat the matter "leniently".

He said: "This is your first offence and there's clearly a background to it.

"I'm going to take a lenient view of it."

The sheriff deferred sentencing until September to see if Dyer can be of good behaviour.