A TEENAGER who was using Instagram to sell drugs was snared by undercover cops.

Police suspected a social media account with the handle PabloSpremo710 to be supplying cannabis.

So officers were tasked with building a relationship with the account and given money to buy the illegal substance.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told that Paul Moore was just 16 when he set up the Instagram account and started selling "green herbal material".

Now 19, he was slapped with a tag by Sheriff Charles Lugton for his actions.

The depute fiscal told the court that in December 2018 police officers were instructed to go undercover to target PabloSpremo710.

She said: "Police officers understood this account was used to supply controlled drugs.

"Officers were given sums of money and they arranged to buy a quantity of herbal green material at 3.5g.

"This was sold to them on December 10.

"The same thing happened on December 13 when 4.4g of cannabis was purchased.

"Both of these came via the Instagram account.

"Information obtained by the officers led them to understand the accused was the controller of the Instagram account and search warrants were obtained and actioned in April 2019 and they entered the accused's home address."

Glasgow Sheriff Court

Glasgow Sheriff Court

During a raid of the house Moore, from Tollcross, was detained while the property was searched.

Several stashes of cannabis were found around the home, including two bags of 12g of herbal material; 21 self sealed bags weighing 151.2g in a bedroom; more bags of 6.3g of cannabis; and a bag labelled Glasgow Spremo with 4g was found in a bedroom drawer with 3g of herbal material found in a box.

Cops also turned up three mobile phones, digital scales lying out in a bedroom and £840 in cash in a wardrobe.

Moore's defence brief said: "My client was 16 when he was involved in this and he has Aspergers syndrome.

"He began to smoke to deal with feelings of anxiety and stress.

"His use grew and was beyond his finances so the person who supplied him involved him in street dealing.

"He is now 19 and hasn't committed any crimes since 2019.

"He was able to obtain a job and has a good work ethic.

"He needs to be punished for this."

The court was told Moore is already under supervision in the community for a separate matter.

His lawyer added: "The way he has conducted himself over the past couple of years might give the court some optimism.

Sheriff Lugton said: "As has been said on your behalf, this kind of offence is the sort of thing the court takes very seriously.

"This offence is to some extent historic and you have now obtained employment."

The sheriff gave Moore a tag keeping him at home from 8pm until 6am.

His restriction of liberty order will last for 150 days, reduced from 200 days thanks to his early guilty plea.