It’s amazing how quickly things that were previously completely foreign can become a habit.

I was scrolling back on my phone while sitting at the rank yesterday, getting lost down a rabbit hole of old pictures.

Somehow I found myself at around this time last year which threw up some crackin' images.

No need for a paper diary these days when just about everything is captured electronically.

Anyway, looking back to May 2020 revealed many things:

·       Deserted Glasgow streets during the first lockdown

·       Absolutely glorious weather, mind that?

·       And the first time my taxi got the Separated, Sanitised, Safe treatment

What’s that, I hear you ask?

Hopefully many of you are already aware of this as the Glasgow Taxis campaign to reassure the public that our cabs are the safest method of public transport, especially in current circumstances.

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The triple S campaign – Separated, Sanitised, Safe – was launched in May last year and guaranteed that all punters would benefit from a vehicle which ticked all three boxes.

Separated – all Glasgow Taxis have a fixed partition ensuring distance between driver and passenger/s, each enjoying separate areas closed off from each other

Sanitised – all Glasgow Taxis are wiped down before and after each journey, while also benefiting from regular Ozone machine cleans which eliminate all bad bacteria

Safe – all Glasgow Taxis are licensed by Glasgow City Council, all drivers are fully disclosed and PVG-checked and all journeys can be tracked via the Glasgow Taxis app

So my photographic trip back in time reminded me that my regular 15-minute Ozone machine treatment, on top of the everyday cleaning and wiping of my taxi, had become second nature.

It’s now as much a part of the Glasgow Taxi maintenance cycle as a service, MOT, wash of the exterior or ensuring the cab is spick and span for the shift handover.

And it’s very much here to stay.

As people reemerge from lockdown and the relaxing of rules many remain understandably nervous and cautious.

We are here to put everyone’s minds at rest.

So if you are heading out to hug your granny, maw or aunty this Monday, you can count on us to safely take you there.

Now excuse me for now, I must dash – I’ve an Ozone machine appointment to make!

Stay safe.