FRUSTRATED Cineworld staff have hit out at the company after claiming they found out their jobs could be at risk via social media.

The film giant revealed that the Imax at Glasgow Science Centre would not be reopening in response to an enquiry from a customer on their official Twitter account on Tuesday evening.

Now, two members of staff at the site claim that the company did not consult them on the possible closure of the cinema and the tweet was the first time they had heard the venue could be closing.

One of the workers, who has asked to remain anonymous said: “They haven’t been in contact at all about the science centre. They’d gone off of the government announcing cinemas can open on May 19 and that’s what they told us but they weren’t specific about any sites.

“We’ve still been twiddling our thumbs wondering when our site is going to be opening."

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It is understood that staff at other sites across the city have received emails to inform them they are going back to work, but the staff at the science centre are yet to hear anything.

Another member of staff who has asked not to be named claimed there was a lack of communication from the company. She said: “It’s all hearsay at the moment. It’s a pattern of absolute zero communication.

“Time and time again we have been told they care about us and we’ll be the first to know. The staff are at the bottom of the pile. Profits and then customers and then staff at the bottom.”

Workers have revealed they would understand had the company consulted them directly. One worker said: “That seems the major frustration for us. These things could all be so much easier on us if Cineworld just communicated to us. Even if it was bad news, at least we’ve been told. It’s so frustrating finding out about your livelihood through social media.”

He added: “It was horrible. It was an absolute blow to see that tweet from Cineworld replying to a customer and that was how I found out I could possibly not have a job.”

“It would have been horrible to find out if they’d phoned or emailed or done it in an official capacity but it’s just an absolute slap in the face to see an offhand comment about your job on Twitter.”

“Just speak to us, that’s all they need to do.”

Glasgow Times:

Alison Thewliss, MP for Glasgow Central where the science centre is located wrote to Cineworld yesterday, urging them to reconsider. She said: "I was very disappointed to learn of the potential closure of the Cineworld IMAX at the Glasgow Science Centre on Twitter, and the manner in which the plans were announced.

“If the company push ahead with this decision there will be inevitable consequences for staff, many of whom will not have been able to return to work for the majority of the pandemic. To reveal plans in this way, without – it seems – any proper engagement with staff, is completely unacceptable.

“I have written to Cineworld today to ask that they reconsider their plans urgently.”

The company has confirmed that the site will close and they have given up their lease. Employees will be given the opportunity to be redeployed to other sites across the city. A spokesman said: "Cineworld can confirm that we are no longer operating the IMAX at the Glasgow Science Centre cinema and are planning to surrender our lease.

"All of the employees impacted are being offered alternative employment at other Cineworld branches. Our cinemas in Glasgow Renfrew Street, Glasgow Silverburn and Glasgow Parkhead will be re-opening on the 19th May."