DESPERATE action is needed to secure a dangerous building before an accident occurs, it has been warned.

The former Glasgow City Council building on Corkerhill Gardens in the South Side has become a “playground” for teens in the area since it was left empty around two years ago.

However, it has fallen into a state of disrepair leaving local businesses, councillors and Craigton Community Council concerned someone will be seriously injured.

Glasgow Times:

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Brian Langbridge, of the South Western Social Club (above right), said: “There was some security fencing but it’s all fallen down to the pavement. It’s been lifted up now, but it’s an angle so, if someone is walking along and it falls on their head, they’ll know all about it.

“Similarly, half the windows are falling out so if that glass falls on someone it will be very dangerous.

“On Tuesday, I saw two young schoolgirls emerging from it and someone else has lit a fire inside it.”

Fire crews were called around 2.30am to tackle a small blaze at the property.

It’s understood that site ownership has changed hands from the local authority to a London-based company named Peakquote Limited.

However, a spokesman for the community council said the firm has not been in contact since July last year.

Calls have now been made for the council to intervene and force the firm to make the site safe.

Glasgow Times:

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Councillor Jim Kavanagh (above left) said: “It needs to be secured to stop people accessing it from the street.

“The council can’t force the company to demolish it, but it needs to force it to make it safe.

“Action has to be taken before someone is hurt.”

The Glasgow Times could not reach Peakquote Limited for comment.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “Our Building Standards team is aware of this building, and have in the past erected a fence to the frontage due to the condition of the windows, and have also previously written to the owners regarding the condition of the building.

"More recently, the team has been in direct contact with the owners who are aware of the issues with the building and indicated that they would be applying for a demolition warrant for it.

Glasgow Times:

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“Earlier this week, the team contacted the owners asking that the fencing to the frontage be reinstated, along with the front doors being re-secured and action taken on the broken windows.

“The fence has now been re-erected and the front door secured, and the owners indicated they were arranging work to remedy the windows.

“The owners today agreed to secure the rear of the property.”