GLASGOW has been described as being at a "fragile moment" after a sudden spike of Covid cases were identified in the city. 

Scotland's National Clinical Director, Jason Leitch, has said that he "hopes" that the city can be moved from Level 3 to Level 2 of the coronavirus lockdown on Monday. 

Covid-19 cases have been increasing in parts of Glasgow for around "five or six" consecutive days, Mr Leitch revealed. 

Glasgow Times: Cases have been rising recently in Glasgow city (graph by Travelling Tabby)Cases have been rising recently in Glasgow city (graph by Travelling Tabby)

Some postcodes are experiencing "clusters" of infection which have pushed the city's virus rate to 58 per 100,000 - compared to 25.5 per 100,000 for Scotland as a whole.

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Speaking to BBC Scotland's The Nine, Mr Leitch said: "We are concerned - we have seen Glasgow go up for about five or six days in a row now. 

"The whole country is at 25 per 100,000, Glasgow is now at 58 which is higher than we would like. 

"We don't have any confirmation of Indian variant cases. We have had 35 across the whole country, people shouldn't get overly concerned but they should be cautious it is a warning to all of us."

From Monday, coronavirus restrictions are expected to be eased in Glasgow in line with the rest of Scotland

Glasgow Times:

Mr Leitch reassured that while Covid cases in the city are increasing, positivity rates, hospitalisations admissions and intensive care numbers remain "low". 

He said: "The decision to move through the levels is more than just one number. 

"Their positivity rate remains quite low, their hospital admissions are low, their intensive care is low and the mortality is low.

"That doesn't mean I am complacent - not by any means. I want Glasgow to move to Level 2, I am confident it can but I just want to keep an eye on it."

He added: "Any suggestion that people should gather in groups, march, parade or anything that breaks the rules - please don't do that becuse Glasgow is at a fragile moment.

"I want it [the city] to be moved to Level 2, I am confident it can, but we just need to keep an eye on it."

According to data being gathered by contact tracers through Test and Protect, the sudden spike seems to be linked to "households mixing together".

People living in affected areas are being encouraged to pick up free rapid testing kits even if they have no symptoms and to self-isolate immediately if they test positive or develop symptoms.