JASON Leitch has fired a warning to Rangers fans who are planning to take title celebrations to the streets of Glasgow this weekend. 

The National Clinical Director said that the city "is at a fragile moment" and pleaded against plans to attend large gatherings and marches. 

A sudden spike of Covid-19 cases during the past "five or six days" has been causing concern for the Scottish Government. 

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A number of postcodes are experiencing "clusters" of infection which have pushed the city's virus rate to 58 per 100,000 - compared to 25.5 per 100,000 for Scotland as a whole.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking to BBC Scotland's The Nine, Mr Leitch said: "Any suggestion that people should gather in groups, march, parade or anything that breaks the rules - please don't do that becuse Glasgow is at a fragile moment.

"I want it [the city] to be moved to Level 2, I am confident it can, but we just need to keep an eye on it."

Rangers fan group Union Bears have planned to celebrate trophy day by marching from Ibrox to George Square on Saturday. 

We told earlier how the Scottish Government welcomed an intervention from the Light Blues, who commanded their supporters not to gather in defiance of strict coronavirus rules. 

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A spokesman said: “Any large-scale gathering like this would be irresponsible and a potential threat to public health.

“At this crucial stage of suppressing the virus, groups of people gathering together for whatever purpose jeopardises public safety and we strongly urge Rangers fans wishing to celebrate to do so responsibly, and in line with the restrictions in place.

“The Justice Secretary recently met with representatives from Rangers Football Club, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland to discuss the situation and we are grateful for their continued support as we work together to keep our communities safe.

“We are also grateful Rangers have agreed to have discussions with their supporters’ organisations to urge them to stay at home.”

Glasgow's top cop earlier this blasted fan celebrations.

Glasgow Times:

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland reminded organisers that the plans were against the law and warned fans against going along for the party. 

He said: “Under the current restrictions no-one should be gathering in numbers of more than six at the stadium or any other location and Police Scotland supports the club in urging its fans to do the right thing and follow the coronavirus regulations around gatherings.”