A MAN caught with two guns and a potentially dangerous 'toilet roll' explosive device has been jailed for more than 13 years.

Brian Emans was snared following a raid at his home in Dalmarnock, Glasgow last July 17.

Firearms officers swooped after Emans had earlier attacked a friend with a machete.

Prosecutor David Dickson told how police arrested the 40-year-old at the back door of his house.

He told the High Court in Glasgow: "A revolver was seen protruding from the right hand pocket of his tracksuit top."

The weapon - found to be a Smith and Weston gun - was found to be loaded with four bullets.

A sawn off shotgun was then spotted lying on top of a fridge. It was described as an "antique" Collings and Wallis firearm.

The IED was next discovered in a rucksack. Bomb disposal experts were called to make the device safe.

Mr Dickson: "It comprised of a party popper attached to a toilet roll tube containing 100mg of commercial firework explosive.

"It was sealed with a cap and disguised inside a knotted polythene bag."

A drawstring being yanked would "ignite" the device.

Mr Dickson: "If detonated, glass bottles within the bag would produce significant shrapnel."

The device being trigged "remotely" could also cause injury to anyone nearby.

The court heard Emans was quizzed, but gave no reason as to why he had the haul.

The raid happened days after Emans attacked Damien Doherty with a machete.

Mr Dickson: "Doherty believed Emans to be carrying and having a laugh."

Emans pleaded guilty to assault, four firearms charges and another under the Explosives Act.

Lady Stacey jailed him for a total of 13 years and three months.