A THUG who fractured a man’s eye socket with one punch in a pub attack has been ordered to pay £1500 in compensation.

Neil McLaughlin, 38, turned on Niall Rodden, 38, at The Penny Farthing in Glasgow’s Cathcart on January 6 2019.

McLaughlin, a rough caster, approached Mr Rodden from behind and struck him to the face.

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The victim fell and hit his head off the brass footrest at the bottom of the bar.

McLaughlin pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the assault to Mr Rodden’s severe injury and impairment.

Sheriff Ian Fleming tagged McLaughlin, of the city's Gorbals, for five months keeping him indoors between 8pm and 5am.

The court heard bar staff heard a scuffle and went to investigate.

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Prosecutor Graham Macdonald said: “Mr Rodden was struck once to the head.

“He wasn’t at the bar long when McLaughlin came from behind and hit the right side of his face on the eye area.

“The punch caused him to fall to the ground and he struck the brass footrest at the bottom of the bar.”

Mr Rodden was taken to hospital and suffered a swollen eye and two eye fractures.

He continues to suffer from a tingling or nerve sensation.

Callum Ross, defending, said: “He was a pub regular and was barred.”