A MOB, they called us, according to a BBC reporter citing a Home Office source.

For indigenous Australians a "mob" is an extended family group, a clan. If the Home Office thinks a mob was responsible for yesterday's temporary stay on the deportation of two Glasgow residents then yes, alright.

But I take it as meaning a family group.

Because that's what happened yesterday. An organic protest against an injustice, bringing together people who feel like anyone calling this city home is simply part of the family.

Yesterday I heard that immigration officials were targetting residents in Pollokshields. Those are my neighbours. I went to look, as had others living nearby.

A man had seen what was happening and slid underneath the van to stop it moving.

What a guy, what an incredible step. I went to approach the van to see what was happening, a journalistic curiosity, and... I just sat down. The other people there also just sat down. Or stood. It was so little but it was an act of resistance and look what it lead to.

By coincidence, the woman I sat next to, Tab Niamat, is someone I interviewed last year and we kept each other company. Neighbours arrived, friends. The crowd swelled and swelled while we kept sitting by the van. It didn't matter who was inside, where they had come from or why they were here - Glasgow's south side was saying no to the Home Office.

I wasn't born in this country. My parents were able to emigrate easily. In Scotland I've had a free university education. I have incredible friends, I have my own home and a job I love and who would I be if I didn't want that for other people too.

I cover the south side of Glasgow, which is markedly multicultural. And so if I write about a local primary school I'll receive an email saying what a shame there's no Scottish children in a Scottish school.

If I write about racism against our local Roma communities I'll receive messages of abuse saying there's no racism here.

The day before last week's election, Nicola Sturgeon was targeted on the street by a far right political candidate who was standing in Glasgow Southside. At the count, SNP MSP Humza Yousef was targeted members of the right wing Liberal party, who had a candidate standing in Glasgow Southside.

We do have a problem with racism in Glasgow and we have to push back against it, every opportunity.

Recently there has been a return to dawn raids in the city. It was widely thought that practice had ended and there has been real shock and fear among now that it has restarted.

Glasgow has stood up for refugees and asylum seekers before but individuals can only do so much. Westminster is actively pursuing a hostile immigration strategy completely at odds with Scotland's moral principles.

There must be systemic change to ensure people are welcomed and treated with dignity.

Priti Patel's Home Office knows little about dignity. To them, we're a mob. Fine. A mob that cares about one another. I don't take any offence at that.