A GLASGOW thug sent a photo of a gun to his lover after he had brutally assaulted her and a friend.

Martin Ross, 29, also forwarded a Snapchat video clip of a knife being sharpened with the caption "my babies".

His then partner received the messages while she was at a police station speaking to officers.

Ross had earlier knifed his partner and choked another woman unconscious while the trio were on an overnight break in Ayrshire.

He now faces a lengthy jail-term after he pleaded guilty to the crimes at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday.

The three had gone to a cottage in Mauchline, Ayrshire last December 4.

The other woman was asked to join the couple as her grandfather had recently passed away.

She later became upset about the death before Ross made a jibe leading to a row between the pair.

Ross, of Maryhill, was then clocked holding two knives. His partner tried to grab hold of him, but she ended up being struck on the forehead.

He then stormed towards the other women yelling: "I'll f***ing kill you."

She tried to hide in a bedroom, but Ross burst in, knocked her to the ground and pressed his thumbs into her eyes.

He then slashed her on the neck with a blade and stabbed her on the leg.

Prosecutor Ann Gray said: "He dropped the knife, placed both hands around her neck and throttled her into unconsciousness."

His partner raced to the owners of the cottage - who lived nearby - and begged for help.

They then ordered Ross out of the property.

The court heard the women contacted police the next day.

It was while giving a statement his then partner received threatening messages from Ross.

She got the knife video then the pistol photo with two laughing emojis.

It also included: "Prepared for peace, ready for war."

She was described as terrified and "visibly distressed".

Ross was later arrested, but was aggressive with officers at the police station.

He screamed: "I'll bite your f***ing nose off. I'll come through the front door of this office with a double barrel and blow you away."

The court was told both women are scarred for life as a result of the knife attacks.

Ross pleaded guilty to assaulting the pair to their severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of the other woman's life

He further admitted behaving in a threatening manner as well as a charge under the Communications Act.

Judge Simon Collins remanded him in custody and deferred sentencing until next month in Edinburgh.