TO all those businesses and part time politicians criticising the Scottish Government for Glasgow remaining in Level Three, take a good look at crowds gathered outside Ibrox stadium on Saturday.

With the new variant on the rampage, especially in the south side of Glasgow, this is sheer irresponsibility and will no doubt keep us in this level for weeks.

Well done Rangers Football Club and Police Scotland for being so predictable, weak-willed and pathetic.



AS a Glaswegian I was totally embarrassed by some of the scenes I saw on Saturday.

Yes, we have a right to celebrate but that yesterday has brought shame to the club, the city, the country and, sadly, all decent Gers fans.

I also lay a lot of the blame on the authorities as they sound knowledge that this was going to happen but, once again, done nothing.

Brian McLean

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FROM what I experienced on Saturday, a good many of them were already drunk whilst making their way to the square.

It’s the kids I felt sorry for, what chance do they have when watching their parents decant alcohol into a soft drink bottle, urinating in public, and exposed to their drunken swearing.

Those who crammed into George Square were mostly maskless, so they won’t be hard to identify. Once again, football “fans” have shown up Glasgow in a poor light, just as happened on Trongate/Saltmarket a couple of years back with the supporters of the other team.

Colin MacEwan

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I WAS disappointed at the scenes in George Square on Saturday.

It all seemed to be quite peaceful earlier on in the city centre but the more people drank the worse it became.

As a Rangers fans I was embarrassed to see the scenes and couldn’t wait to get out of the city centre. This has put Rangers in a bad light when it should have been a day of celebration.

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THE authorities have a lot of blame here. They know what these fans are like and what they would do once they gathered.

The city should have been locked off from every street until these rampaging thugs were chased back to their homes.

Ryan Bowman

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