WORKERS at McVities have launched a petition in order to save their jobs.

The Pladis factory which has been present in Tollcross for over 100 years is earmarked for possible closure by the company putting 479 jobs at risk.

East End workers and residents have had their say on the move.

One former worker urged people to sign. He said: “I can’t believe that they can do this. I made a lot of friends there when I worked there for over 25 years until I retired over a year ago. Please sign the petition everyone and save Tollcross.”

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Janice Reid emphasised the knock-on impact in the area. She said: “McVities has been a part of Tollcross and the East End for many many years. It has provided whole families with income.

“It would devastate our community if this last remaining factory closes. This would also affect small businesses round about who rely on the workforce.”

Lisa Brackenridge believes it will affect people’s mental health if McVities closes. She said: “It's more than just people’s jobs at risk, it’s some families lifeline and it’s also peoples mental health at risk, trying to find a new job under normal circumstances is hard enough, never mind during a pandemic where many workers have been laid off and businesses have been struggling.”

Another former worker said she had worked at McVities for 32 years and said it was worth fighting for.

The petition has been organised by the Save Our Jobs Tollcross campaign, backed by the GMB Union who represent some of the members at the factory.

They have branded the proposed move as “utterly shameful” and are calling for full transparency from Pladis.

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Scottish Secretary Gary Smith, who is currently in the running to be the national GMB general secretary, pledged to fight against the closure.

A demonstration is also planned for Saturday morning at 10am where current and former workers are invited to come along as well as the “entire labour movement” to fight the closure.

The organisers of the Save our jobs Tollcross page, backed by the GMB Union said: “Mcvities Tollcross has a proud history and heritage in the city of Glasgow and has served many communities with jobs and also kept the whole nation fed with great branded biscuits like Digestives and Hobnobs.

“It was announced to the workforce during world mental health week that the plan for the factory was to wind down and close with the loss of nearly 500 jobs. As you can imagine the workforce were shocked and left devastated at the news. Our aim is to fight for alternative ways to keep the factory viable rather than close. We ask you to sign the petition and ask Pladis to think again at the impact of closure not just on the workers but on the communities it serves. The workforce have been loyal to Pladis and worked as key workers throughout the pandemic. “

Pladis has said that any consultation will be ‘full and meaningful’ with the company pledging their ‘full support’ to employees throughout the consultation period.

Readers can sign the petition here.