AN EPILEPTIC Rangers fan has told of the horror he encountered at the weekend after allegedly being beaten by riot cops.

Aubrey Flux, who attended title celebrations at George Square on Saturday, claims he was attacked by Public Order officers as he attempted to make his way home from celebrations.

The 54-year-old says he has been left with cuts on his face, a head injury and broken ribs after violent scenes unfolded in the city centre on Saturday evening.

Glasgow Times:

Mr Flux, who lives in Shettleston, claims that he asked officers if he could be let past their human shield to allow him to catch a train from nearby Queen Street.

Moments later, the Gers fan found himself on the ground among the broken glass.

Recalling the alleged incident, Mr Flux said: “I got there at 2pm but at around 9.20pm I wanted to leave. There were a lot of officers standing in a line asking people to leave the square, I thought that if I asked them to let me past and let me go home they would.

“It was very noisy and I started to panic. My speech started to slow down due to my epilepsy and I think they thought I was drunk but I just wanted to get out of there - I just wanted to call it a day and go home.”

Glasgow Times:

After noticing the shielded officers move towards him, Mr Flux decided to document the moment by filming it on his phone.

He added: “One of the policemen pointed at me and then my head hit the ground. They weren’t happy that I was filming it as they kept asking me to stop and even tried to take my phone.”

During the disturbance, Mr Flux also claims that he was kicked and knocked out while he was on the ground.

“That must have happened all very quickly because I don’t remember getting to Paisley from there”, he said.

Mr Flux – who also suffers from heart disease - does not remember the moments after the assault but recalls waking up at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley at 4.30am the following morning.

“I was in a lot of pain”, he said. “I’m actually quite worried about the head injury in case it makes my epilepsy worse.

“I know that they are allowed to use reasonable force but they went over the top.

“I feel shocked, annoyed and extremely let down. My trust in the police force has gone down but I know that not all police are the same.

“It was all left to the paramedics to pick up the pieces which wasn’t fair on them either.”

Glasgow Times:

He has revealed that the alleged beating has not only affected him physically, but mentally too.

The Ibrox side supporter - who is originally from Essex - told how he has been “too scared” to leave his home.

He said: “Even though it has only been a few days since it happened, I keep seeing it my head over and over again. I just feel scared, I don’t want to leave the house.

“I feel ashamed about it but I shouldn’t - I just wanted to go home.

“I’ve had a constant headache but the flashbacks have been tormenting me. When I shut my eyes I just keep seeing it again and again.

“I could have been at the station within 30 seconds and on my way home within half-an-hour, but instead I was put in hospital. There just wasn’t any need for it.”

Glasgow Times:

Mr Flux was one of tens of thousands of supporters who took to the city’s streets on Saturday to celebrate the club’s first title win in a decade.

A march demonstrated by fan group Union Bears saw fans walk from Ibrox Stadium to George Square.

Riot officers were soon called to the party as violent incidents began to break out across the city.

Nearly 30 arrests have already been made by police while officers have warned more are on the way. 

Glasgow Times:

Rangers Football Club hit out at the "small minority" of fans who "besmirched the good name" during the celebrations. 

Police Scotland confirmed that the alleged assault on Mr Flux is being investigated.

A spokesman said: “We have received a complaint and that matter will be investigated.”