JUST a point or two about the shameful scenes in George Square on Saturday.

Why was George Square not closed off? They knew the fans had planned to go there days before.

Why were ALL the off-sales open and police standing by watching people with carry-outs parading about the street.

Why wait until the idiots were full of drink then move in with the riot gear? There was only ever going to be one outcome.

Rangers fan all my life and disgusted with Saturday’s behaviour but I’m annoyed when John Swinney is saying all steps were taken.

Jim Devenny

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NO-ONE with any shred of decency would condone the irresponsible and disgraceful antics of some of those involved in the would-be celebrations in Glasgow at the weekend.

However, I find it very questionable that some politicians in particular Susan Aitken and Humza Yousaf in particular can be so vehement claiming Covid irresponsibility but then stay completely silent on another march in support of the Palestinians.

Maybe not so Covid-related, more personal background preferences.

No wonder ordinary people don’t trust, listen to or believe them.

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WHOEVER was in charge of policing the fiasco at George Square should resign immediately.

We had anarchy on display yet cops stood watching. Total lack of management/senior officers who were nowhere to be seen.



QUITE frankly the rhetoric of the First Minister criticising Glasgow Rangers Football Club for the unacceptable behaviour of the criminal morons who embarrassed themselves purporting to be supporters of the club.

What could RFC have done to avoid these celebrations?

This is a social decease with which she should be addressing not accusing. She continually blames others for NHS, care homes, education, drug deaths, homelessness failures and doesn’t look herself in the mirror because she is the person that should be addressing these problems. Yeah, blame Rangers, the Kenmore community, Boris et all. Do your job instead of dividing the country and the nation.


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IT’S great to see air travel resuming.

I just hope this Indian variant doesn’t put a halt to it yet again. We need a degree of normality and hopefully this can be the start of it.

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