Every now and then us Glasgow Taxi drivers receive some surprise customer feedback which reminds us why we love the job we do. 

I’ll share just a couple of examples that have come into fellow drivers over the past week or so.

They are just brilliant – enjoy!

The first one came from a Gordon Campbell on Twitter who shared this wee tale last week. 

He said: “A lovely wee reminder about the time my faith in humanity was restored popped up on my timeline memories earlier...

“A Glasgow Taxis driver gave me a run home one night and I had accidentally overpaid. 

“The next morning I found this note...”

The note, on an otherwise blank Glasgow Taxi receipt, read: “2 fivers were stuck together. Sorry I didn’t notice strait (sic) away 😊”

The note was accompanied by said, crisp fiver, returned to its rightful and appreciative owner. 

Happy days. Thank you, Gordon. 

Another recent act of kindness shared online recently came from a CiCi, again on Twitter. 

She said: “One of your team picked us up from Byres Road and dropped us off at Partick. 

“He returned 10 minutes later with a wallet we had left in the cab. 

“Thanked him at the time but can you please let him know how thankful we are again!”

Isn’t that magic? Thank you, CiCi. 

So what’s the point in sharing these? I’ll give you three. 

Firstly, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need to hear positive stories right now? Correct!

Secondly, it’s a wee reminder that day in day out Glasgow Taxi drivers are providing these little moments, these acts of kindness, these things that can make a difference to anyone’s day – and we don’t do them to get feedback, or to be thanked, it’s just because it’s always the right thing to do. 

Finally, to Gordon and to CiCi and to everyone who has ever sent in a thanks or surprised us with a positive message – thank you, you don’t know just how much we appreciate it. Everyone has had a tough year or so – us drivers included with an extremely challenging situation for the nature of our work – so each and every positive message we receive for “just doing our job” really does make a difference to us, individually and as a collective. 

Once again, People Make Glasgow.

Stay safe.