"The sky is the limit. We dance, sing and act - we do everything, you are all missing out."

If you haven't heard of the Scottish theatre phenomenon The Dolls, now might be the time to take notice of star Gayle Telfer Stevens' words.

The River City actress is one half of the comedy duo with Scot Squad star Louise McCarthy also bringing the laughs.

Glasgow Times:

Both women together are a powerhouse as they make no apologies for their wicked Scottish humour which is brought to life in this variety style show - and now online through a virtual stream.

"It is a nod to nostalgia like The Steamie, and Francie and Josie," explained Louise.

She laughed: "I think it was Michelle McManus who once described the show as Dorothy Paul on acid."

Glasgow Times:

The girls have acquired a huge fan base in their role as the quintessential Glesga cleaners Agnes and Sadie who clean the stairs, unblock the loo, hoover the carpet and still find the time for a gossip.

Louise said: "We started off in pubs and clubs.

"We pretty much went from selling 50 seats to selling out the King's Theatre. That happened over a period of four or five years."

She added: "There is not much female comedy out there. I don't know about you but when you go on a night out, girls talk about the most mentalist stuff, we really don't hold back.

"We are quite open about things and chatty.

"Women just want to be heard now. Men have joked about their parts for years and it has all been acceptable.

"Women are just ready to say whatever it is they want to say."

Gayle added: "I don't know if there is anything you can see on the tele that is representing women like me and you. I mean I fail to see any of that going on just now."

Glasgow Times:

Both women will ensure the female voice is represented when they go live with a new show, Dolls TV Friday Night Kerry OOT! which airs on the last Friday of every month.

The actresses took the decision to make the show available via stream with theatres still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"It is all new material but we have taken the concept of The Dolls as a stage show and reimagined it through a camera lens," Louise said.

She added: "It is The Dolls version of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

"It is a Friday night 'Kerry OOT,' we are encouraging everyone to sit with a drink with their pals - obviously Covid permitting, let's be safe.

"It is like an online live entertainment show, we have sketches, sing-a-long, karaoke, and lots more."

Glasgow Times:

Although both girls are busy with other projects, The Dolls is one of the most important things they do. Gayle is best known for her role as Shieldinch favourite Caitlin McLean in River City while Louise - who appeared as DC Andrea McGill in Scot Squad - is working on a new project called The Scots from the writers of Burnistoun.

But it is The Dolls that is special for both actresses as Gayle explained.

"I love doing it because it is myself and Louise who has created it.

"We have done it from the ground up. We kind of had big balls for lack of a better words at the very beginning and thought come on, we will do something.

"It is so self-created whereas as an actor you normally go with what everyone else is asking you to do.

"We have just felt our way through it and be on a massive journey with it.

"For that I think it is so special because you go to sleep with it, it comes into your family, it is everything in your life because it is a part of you. You can't leave it at the door.

"It is very special and if there was another family member, I think it would be our characters."

Glasgow Times:

So what is next for The Dolls? The girls have proven they can attract an audience to a stage, could the small screen be on the horizon?

"That is the dream, a sitcom or entertainment show," beamed Louise.

She added: "It is just getting The Dolls that step over so maybe putting this (the streaming show) together, people will see that it does work."

Tickets are priced £15 and can be bought from www.showcatcher.com.

The show airs on the last Friday of every month.

The Dolls have a new theatre show 'Rerr Terr' which is expected to tour in October and November.

For more information, visit www.wearethedolls.com