TUCKED away in the windows of empty shops and disused cafes around Trongate, something curious is awakening.

Hidden worlds are shifting, secrets are being revealed.

Is it art? Theatre? Film? Or all of the above?

Sculpture trail Restless Worlds is helping Glasgow’s arts scene burst back into life this week.

Part of puppetry and animation festival Manipulate, it is an outdoor ‘artwalk’ which takes participants on a stroll around this part of the city, as they look for hidden sculptures, each with its own audio.

Dawn Taylor, Puppet Animation Scotland’s director, explains: “Restless Worlds was born out of a desire to utilise the extraordinary skills and vision of our community of artists to create a unique cultural experience for Scottish audiences during the pandemic.

“We are so excited to finally be able to bring these works to Glasgow.

Chell Young and Dawn Taylor. Pic: MIHAELA BODLOVIC

Chell Young and Dawn Taylor. Pic: MIHAELA BODLOVIC

“The installation features both leading Scottish artists and exciting emerging new voices, who between them have an extraordinary range of backgrounds, including puppetry, sculpture, filmmaking, object theatre, photography, generative design and theatre.”

Dawn adds: “After so long without access to theatres and galleries, Restless Worlds offers audiences a really unique and distinctive covid-safe arts experience and something you can enjoy at your own pace as you wander around the city.”

Glasgow artists Chell Young, Gavin Glover, Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre and Heather Parry all feature.

Chell, a sculpture, film and sound artist, adds: “Over the past year we’ve all experienced the passing of ‘time’ very differently and we’ve all learned to be patient in ways we didn’t know were possible.

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“To me, Restless Worlds doesn’t only mark the reopening of cultural exhibits but it represents fresh creative communication in a dark time.

“Everyone who visits the sculpture trail can take something different away from the experience. Young children can simply enjoy the beautiful and intricate visuals whilst others can venture deeper and discover hidden meanings or find parallels in their own experiences. My own experience during lockdown greatly informed my work ‘Trials of Bliss’ and it feels amazing to see it venture out into the world after so long in isolation.”

Heather says: “As a resident of the southside it’s been so exciting to work on this project in collaboration with Sharmanka, a true gem of strange and brilliant storytelling based right here in Glasgow. The Restless Worlds team have put together a unique experience, bringing visual art, fiction and audioscapes into one dazzling project, and this exhibition will transform the city’s spaces. I can’t wait to get out there and see how people react to it, after a year away from experiencing art in the flesh.”

Animator Gavin says: “I was lucky to be able to lose myself in creating this cabinet of curious science and absolute nonsense and it’s so uplifting now that we can all experience something so distracting, charming and otherworldly within all the exhibits.

“A big thank you to Puppet Animation Scotland for allowing us to create something slightly bonkers for people to enjoy while theatres, festivals and art galleries in Glasgow have had their doors so firmly shut.”