Outdoor Life

Life is a rollercoaster. I walked out the door looking like I was ready for an Arctic expedition, wrapped up in multiple layers as dark clouds rolled across Partick. By the time I had reached Great Western Road, it was sunshine and clear blue skies, just as we laid claim to a table outside La Lanterna – order bruschetta, calamari and a portion of crab and lobster claw ravioli.

Up the street to Bananamoon and across to The Loveable Rogue to hear excited chat about indoor opening and the sun shined on. Still pretty Baltic right enough, but an idyllic Wednesday evening of optimism, good company, food and some drinks.

Thursday and The Gate were hosting their pop-up at the penthouse of Native aparthotel on St Vincent Place, so whisky cocktails and three-cheese toasties looking over the rooftops to Royal Exchange Square. The talk was of where the first indoor bookings had been made and normalised itineraries.

We’d heard that The Absent Ear was ready to make its debut as a city centre speakeasy in a custom-built bar. The Gannet was getting ready for the relaunch of their menu. I had a table for four at Gamba organised for this Saturday.

Friday and I was sitting in Platform at Argyle Street looking out at their quirky new outside bit, The Lane, where you can sit enjoying pints and wine into the evening. Lamb flatbread, brisket tacos and Korean fried chicken. An utterly delicious platter of distraction, that was enjoyed at a leisurely pace. It was only when I was outside that I saw the announcement. Level three continues. Dark clouds gathered.

Sitting in the rain at Embargo on Byres Road later – order duck bao buns and vegetable gyoza with a ginger lychee daiquiri and make the most of outdoor life – all future planning was abandoned.

As the dust settles, The Gannet have moved ahead with their long-awaited return starting today, Gamba reactivated a home dining menu and The Absent Ear continues to await a chance to shine. I’m told indoor bookings are holding up well overall this week for those places that were able to open.