THE leader of the council is praising the cleansing staff for cleaning up the aftermath of George Square.

I don’t see any action from the council in tackling the remaining food waste bins sitting in backcourts or on streets, the promise that the bulk uplift service will remain free of charge or that the graffiti, dog fouling and littering will have a zero-tolerance approach.

I see these environmental problems in every street of Glasgow. Nicola Sturgeon MSP and the leader of the council should take world dignitaries around Govanhill, Ibrox, Pollokshields, Partick and explain eyesores of graffiti, fly-posting, fly-tipping and litter on every corner.

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AFTER all the condemnation and moral high ground being taken against Rangers, we are now being informed that the club approached the Scottish Government to allow the fans into the ground.

Every person in the country knew that some would gather regardless of what Rangers, the Government or the police asked them to do, so Rangers came up with the commonsense option.

Let fans in to watch the game, lift the cup and celebrate and the likelihood would have been they would all gone home happy with no need for marches to George Square.

After all, Covid does not discriminate whether you are inside/outside, in a fight or peaceful demonstration, so what is the Scottish Government response?

What about all the other mass gatherings that have went on peaceful or not? They do still break the law, or is it a case of hope the mayhem happens and that will suit our political agenda and we can do what we excel at and that is blame everybody else and hopefully nobody will notice how in effectual we are as a Government and our laws are so badly planned?

Ian Stewart

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I WAS shocked to see the pictures following the attack on Peter Lawwell’s home. What kind of city are we living in when incidents like this take place?

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I WAS interested to see First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s new reshuffled Cabinet and the move for John Swinney to be given a new economic and health role.

I’m surprised he has been given a new position in the Cabinet.