IT’S not usual to mention one restaurant when you are reviewing another but bear with me.

Bread Meats Bread (BMB) is my number one choice for vegetarian and vegan burgers. They have lots of choice and every single one is delicious.

I’ve tried lots of other places and there have been some really poor examples that remind me of the budget supermarket variety that was commonly served up ten or fifteen years ago.

Nowhere has really measured up to BMB until now.

Scanning the JustEat app, a take-away service popped up that I hadn’t heard of.

Absurd Bird has just one restaurant in Scotland in the centre of Glasgow on Nelson Mandela Place.

There are five or six around the UK, including two in London in Soho and Spittlefields, where it has been rated among the best take-away food for meat-free diners.

It doesn’t take me long to choose. The first vegetarian burger on the menu sounds right up my street.

I plump for a vegan fried chicken burger (I’m not one of those non-carnivores who object to plant based products being called meat). It’s described as a crispy vegan fillet with homeslaw, crispy lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and vegan mayo.  

No burger is complete without fries so I add them to the list as well as some vegan coleslaw.

It’s a Friday night and after a busy week I’m ravenous by the time it arrives, in around half an hour.  

After one bite, I know I’m not going to be disappointed. The bun is fresh and doesn’t fall apart, the burger is tasty and crammed full of delicious flavours. There are plenty of fries and they are crisp and moreish and the vegan coleslaw makes for a tasty side dish.

The food is also still pleasingly hot when it arrives, which can be a bit of a downside of delivery. 

If it’s a more traditional meaty burger you are after, there are plenty of options, the company mantra is ‘something for everyone’.

In terms of price, the vegan burger comes in about the same as BMB at £8.95 and is no less delicious than my former favourite. There are four other alternative veggie burgers including one served on a waffle and I’ll definitely be back for more.