WHILST understanding the difficult decisions the Scottish Government has to make regarding the imposition of Covid restrictions, it strikes me that they only portray one side of reality.

Yes, the invisible cordon they have placed around Glasgow City does help to protect the greater populous from contracting Covid but it also increases the risk of those living within that council area of coming into contact with it.

Speaking personally, I like to shop in a well-known supermarket in Braehead and spend a leisurely lunchtime in a cafe/restaurant in Milngavie or near Killearn; places where my wife and I feel safe. None of these things are we allowed to do because it is outside the Glasgow City Council area.

So we are forced to shop or spend what limited leisure opportunities there are for pensioners in venues that are also available to residents of Glasgow City that are unfortunate enough to have Covid or potentially have Covid because they have been in contact with a carrier. Therefore, the risk to my family has increased through the actions of the Scottish Government.

I have heard the disproportionate term being used in connection to the recent event in George Square but have been informed of a number of alleged instances where people have been fined £60 to £1000 for shopping outside of their council area. Surely, this is disproportionate to not preventing marches in the centre of Glasgow where presumably the vast majority didn’t get fined.

I have no legal expertise but imposing restrictions that risk people’s lives by increasing their chances of coming into contact with Covid and impacting on their mental health is at best, morally wrong.

So, why are our lives not of the same value as those living outside of our council area and why are we being treated as sacrificial lambs?


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AS an expat Glaswegian Scot living in the USA for more than 20 years, I occasionally get homesick.

That’s until I see or hear from family about the moronic behaviour of my fellow Scots such as what was seen in George Square and the Rangers fans’ disgraceful and dangerous behaviour. Hey idiots, there’s a pandemic going on and you “nut jobs” just boosted the spreading of the new Indian Covid variant!

By the way, who in authority allowed this to happen and where was Nicola Sturgeon hiding during this fiasco?

Oh yes, probably at home planning on how to take her fans and the country down the path to independence and total financial collapse! Think I’ll stay here. God bless America.

Ashamed Scottish American, Don Macdonald

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