I READ your story yesterday about punters being asked not to feed the pigeons in George Square.

I cannot say I share my fellow residents’ concerns.

As a retired man living in the city, I have to say that I quite enjoying heading out and feeding them a fresh loaf of bread in the mornings.

These are living creatures too and deserve the love and compassion that we show our own pets.

They help combat my loneliness and I find solace in their company.

I understand the concerns about people not feeding them healthy and nutritious foods, however, it is important to remember Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution and Glasgow’s pigeons are testaments to the premise that animals can survive, adapt and thrive to their environment.

Where else in the world can you find such gallus creatures? We should be proud of our pigeons and do whatever we can to make them feel welcomed.

It is not just me that loves these sweet, innocent avian. Hordes of tourists gather to pose for photos with them and this can only be good for the economy at large.

I say let’s open our hearts and let the pigeons spread their wings in our city.

Mr J. McGee

Pigeons are, simply, vermin.

They are disease-ridden pests who plague our cities and suburbs and if I had my way they would be shot on sight. The one exception I will make to this are racing pigeons.

So, our options are to either exterminate the birds or capture them and put them to work for our own amusement.

Whichever the RSPB finds most ethical is the option I will vote for, should the matter be put to a referendum. Referendums are also something with which I disagree on principle but that is another matter.

H. Braithwaite

Why on earth are we facing a tougher lockdown, yet East Renfrewshire remains in Level 2?

More so, how on Earth has this happened in the first place?

The Government should have anticipated a spike in cases in Glasgow as soon as restrictions were lifted - why this wasn’t predicted we will never know.

Again, it is only the people and businesses of Glasgow who will suffer. Enough is enough.

Let’s hope this stupid mistake is not repeated. I won’t be getting my hopes up.

Andy McPherson