The first thing everyone needs to know is that there is no such thing as ‘vermin’.

The humans use this word to mean species of birds and animals which cause us problems in some way, different people have different ideas about what should be controlled and why.

Firstly, all birds are protected by law. Since all birds are protected by law, they cannot be killed and like Mr J McGee (Glasgow Times, Saturday, May 22) has said, the birds in the City Centre are living breathing creatures who deserve the love and compassion that humans show their own pets.

Many people enjoy interacting with these wildlife. We should be proud of our pigeons, they are very clever and all humans should do what they can to help them survive.

However too many people like H Braithwaite (Saturday, May 22) who claims that these innocent birds are ‘simply’ vermin who plague our cities and who are disease ridden and plague our suburbs and who wants to exterminate all wildlife or abuse them for his own amusement is a sick evil individual. These innocent creatures may have a disease but in that respect they are no different from humans. The entire human race is in danger of Covid-19 a disease that humans can pass onto animals.

Mr Braithwaite, let me inform you that if you harm any bird, be it pigeon, gull, swan you can be arrested for animal cruelty.

If the actions of people like you is not curbed, we will end up with no wildlife left on this planet. I would rather have all the animals than people like you.

Angry animal lover,


TO address the wider point about Mr McGee’s letter on the pigeon issue (Glasgow Times, Saturday, May 22), he is quite plainly taking an over-romanticised view of the disgusting creatures.

If we chose to see these as avatars of our city’s defining characteristics, we demean ourselves to be represented by the lowest of the low.

In addition to this, he has used the word avian in the noun form, which is a new one on me.

H. Braithwaite,

Newton Mearns

The failure of the SNP government to deal effectively with the disgraceful behavior of Rangers fans on March 7 and May 15 in George Square and elsewhere, is a reflection on their credibility as a government to protect the whole of the general public.

In refusing Rangers’ offer to allow their fans to celebrate inside Ibrox park, this displayed double standards by the SNP, as they allowed the fans to proceed unhindered by the police.

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