A DETERMINED Glasgow pupil is celebrating having finished both primary and secondary school with 100% attendance. 

Pearce Cannon, who is about to finish his final year at Holyrood Secondary School, has never missed a day of learning. 

The 17-year-old’s mum, Claire, has told how she could not be prouder of her strong-willed son.

She said: “I’m so proud of him for working so hard.

“I think when he got to primary seven he thought, ‘I’m going to do this right the way through’ and he did.

“I phoned Holyrood to see if there was anyone else that has done the same and they couldn’t find anyone at that time.”

Glasgow Times:

Skiving was never an option for the Toryglen teen who was intent on receiving his 100% attendance certificates from his time primary and secondary school.

“It was always his goal and he is delighted that he achieved it. There has been times where he has had a headache but not bad enough to come home.

“He even managed to avoid Chickenpox as a child, so he has been very lucky with his health in that sense.”

And Pearce has always been a hard worker - landing his first job at just 13. 

“He has always been a grafter”, Claire said.

“He has done a paper round since he was 13 and is always keeping himself busy.”

After school, Pearce is hoping to pursue a career in nursing. He has been juggling his school studies alongside his part-time job at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Glasgow Times:

Claire added: “At the moment, he is working as a domestic in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. He’s got a conditional for Glasgow Caledonian University to do nursing, so we are just waiting to hear back on that.”

Pearce has been invited to go back to Holyrood Secondary School in September to collect his well-earned certificate. 

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “We were delighted when Pearce’s mum contacted us to let us know about Pearce’s perfect attendance. 

“The school will be recognising this at their next award ceremony.”