BOXER Josh Taylor has made all Scots proud of his immense achievements.

Well done Josh you are a true sporting hero and a fantastic role model for not only the country but to the world out there full of young people in need of a dream to follow. Dedication, hard toil, determination, focus & faith all combined make for success in any field.

You showed the world what you can and what more you are going to achieve – now bring the glory home to Scotland and demand the Castle be your No 1 venue. You are the best in the world – let the world come to you in your home country.

Tom Fitzpatrick

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HOSPITALITY leaders should now consider very carefully whether it’s time to consider moving their businesses elsewhere.

Every time the First Minister announces lockdown Hospitality is first in line.

Time and time again I’ve

written to this newspaper telling you Nicola Sturgeon and Jason Leitch have a serious agenda against alcohol no matter how many jobs will be lost because of it.

D McLean

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DURING the war pigeons were used as couriers to deliver important messages.

Were they vermin then?

Or is it more likely true that unto the vermin all things are vermin?

Catherine McLean

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THE Sense over Sectarianism project of Divided City is to be applauded for its efforts to bring school children together to discuss and debate the history of sectarianism and all the outside influences which makes it so much difficult to resolve.

However, when mentioning some of the recent events such as the disgraceful scenes in

George Square twice this year, they fall into the same trap as others when describing bigoted activity such chants and

songs coming from ‘a minority’.

This ‘minority’ description is really starting to wear thin. Anyone who has witnessed and heard these actions knows only too well that it certainly is not a ‘minority’.

That may be difficult for some people to perceive but the organisations who benefit from these followers find it almost impossible to admit that there is a much bigger problem than they care to admit.

This is what is holding back any progress. To deal effectively with a problem, you first have to admit the scale of such a problem.