I NOTE the council installing new bicycle sheds for storage in Glasgow.

I don’t see any consultation with residents or councillors on this. I think they will be a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

I don’t think Councillor Richardson or the leader of the council would like one of these planted right outside their flat or house.

I am sure house prices will be affected if they are placed next to owner-occupiers.

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WHEN are the roadworks ever going to finish on the M8 motorway?

Driving in and out of the city centre is a nightmare.

There needs to be better signage so people are aware a lot earlier that so many lanes are closed off and that they will face a diversion.



DO passengers not have to wear face masks on trains – or are they just ignorant? I boarded a train from Bishopbriggs to Queen Street on Saturday afternoon and most of the passengers I could see were ignoring the rules.

Disgusted passenger

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READERS had lots to say on our story on a speeding crackdown in the West End. Here’s a selection of comments...

ON Byres Road – every set of lights is jumped by vehicles and cyclists.

Dowanside Road is still used as a two-way street – it’s been one-way for more than three years.

These offences happen daily and nothing is ever done!


THE “no right turn” sign at the crossroads, at the Botanic Gardens is another good example.

The number of people that just ignore this and cut across traffic is unreal.

Tim Johnston

THEY should monitor High Street too, and the lights at Cathedral Square.

The number of drivers who don’t understand speed limits, rights of way, or what a red light means, is worrying.

Colin MacEwan