WHEN I was younger, I used to adore watching Man Vs Food.

For those unaware, the concept of the TV show is simple. The host, Adam Richman, travelled across the US taking on the most obscene food challenges around.

As a young lad who loved to eat, the show was the stuff of dreams. My friends and I would joke that we could take on the mammoth challenges. Of course, our teenage bodies would never have been able to cope, but logic was beneath us back then.

That feeling never truly left me – the chubby guy mentality, so to speak. Every time I order a meal, I add on extras.

It was with that mentality that I proceeded to this week’s takeaway review.

I chose Steak, Cattle & Roll from Merchant Square and opted for the Mac & Cheeseburger – a nine ounce beef burger, topped with macaroni cheese and smoked bacon.

My food review: Steak, Cattle & Roll

My food review: Steak, Cattle & Roll

Those with a normal palette would also see included a Coca Cola BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion and gerkins.

Next came the first of two crucial mistakes on my order.

The choice was a simple one, but one that breaks my heart every time: Skinny fries or chunky chips? I went for the latter - a poor choice.

My next mistake? Ordering while hungry. The chubby guy mentality kicked in once more. Six wings or 12… you know exactly what I went for.

I placed my order at 4.48pm and my rider arrived within a minute of my estimated time at 5.31pm. Not bad given he was cycling through heavy rain.

I was initially shocked by the weight of the bag. I thought they’d added in something extra by accident – but I was wrong.

My food review: Steak, Cattle & Roll

My food review: Steak, Cattle & Roll

That’s win number one for Steak, Cattle & Roll. A massive box of chips, a solid burger and a large portion of wings. Could this be my Man Vs Food?

The chips took up half the plate – but were nothing to be raved about. Is it possible for a chip to be too ‘chippy’? Too fluffy may be the better term. 5/10, would not chip again.

The burger was a quick step up – the succulent meat and crispy bacon were to die for. Topping it all off with macaroni cheese was a thing of beauty.

But the pièce de resistance? The wings. 12 crispy yet juicy, well-flavoured fried wings that went down an absolute treat.

But alas, I’m no Adam Richman. I took on the food and the food won – I could not have it all in one sitting.

That left me with the final win of the day – second servings!